Learning how to heal on a soul level

Part of my journey the last year has been becoming more in tune with my soul’s purpose.  Call it what you want…hippie, woo-woo, crazy, etc. but I can honestly tell you that I’ve never felt more at peace and more full of clarity about my purpose in life than I am right now.

I’ve chosen to explore my own belief system in life in various ways, and it has opened my eyes to new ways of thinking.  As someone who grew up down South (yay Texas!) in a very religious community, I was taught never to explore different ideas or beliefs.  Now that I know what is true to myself, which is my believe in the Universe and everything that is attached to it, I have peace and clarity and have been able to manifest healing in so many ways.

My work with Essential Oils is pivotal to my healing each day, as they support me emotionally and physically.  I carry them everywhere I go, they are all over my house, and we have changed out the chemicals in our home by using natural products and Essential Oils instead.  You will continue to learn more about how to use your oils, get started with oils, and how to share them as we continue this path together.

Another aspect to my healing has becoming more in tune with my intuition, and learning how to fully trust its guidance.  I recently had the pleasure of working with Sarah Small, founder of Autoimmune Tribe.  Sarah is a holistic health coach, yoga teacher, vibrational crystal healer, and more.  She has been one of my guides on this healing journey and I want to share some of the courses I have taken from her with you!  I recently completed her Intuitive Soul School and also her Crystal Healing for Chronic Illness course.  Both of these courses were FILLED with amazing information and support from Sarah herself.  Not only does she create this material personally, but she supports you as well through her community.  I am a part of her online community called Autoimmune Tribe on Facebook, and you should check her out.

If you’ve ever wondered about how to better connect with your intuition, how to understand the energetic side of healing, or how to use crystals for healing please consider these extremely affordable courses from Sarah.  Let me know if you check them out, because I’d love to support you as well!

Use my personal link below, enroll in her newsletter, and access the courses to learn more:

Autoimmune Tribe Courses

Sarah also has an incredible podcast called “Healing Uncensored” which I highly recommend you check out….like, now.  You’re welcome!

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