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Helping you feel BEAUTIFUL in your skin, every minute of every day. 

In the summer of 2020, I became a Brand Partner with a new premium athleisurewear company, Savvi.  I joined Savvi as a Brand Partner because their mission perfectly aligns with mine here at Tiger Stripes Earned.  Their mission is to help women (and eventually men too!) feel absolutely amazing, worthy, and special each and every day.  We do that by helping curate pieces of clothing that are diverse, inclusive, and exclusive.  Our brand is disrupting the industry by creating a fashion platform that is easily accessible in an app, and new pieces are released every week.  

I was flown to our Headquarters in December 2020 to model that week’s line of releases and also provide valuable feedback on our extended size designs.  It takes a very special company to actually listen to those way down the pipeline and implement changes that the regular woman is needing.  It’s my desire to share this brand with you as we officially launch in 2021 not only in the US but globally as well.

The confidence that comes from finding a piece that fits you NOW, not the size you one day want to be, is empowering.  You deserve to take up space NOW, and HERE, TODAY.  Don’t diminish your value, and surround yourself with people every day who allow your value to shine bright!

Not only can I help you find amazing pieces no matter your budget, but you’re also welcome to be a part of this with me if you are needing a community to help lift you up each and every day.  There are no commitments, no inventory, no parties, none of that.  Brand partnership is $99/year and that provides the 25% discount and there are no minimums required to keep it. Let’s chat if you want to be a part of a brand that is absolutely disrupting the industry!

Let’s grab your confidence TODAY!


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