Why your “Diet” has failed you

In the never-ending battle to loose weight, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ve tried several different “diets” throughout your life in order to conquer the weight loss demons.  Many of us have read countless self-help dietary books, full of different theories in hopes that THIS will FINALLY be the one that helps us break out of the hamster wheel.  We dive in, read it cover to cover, desperate for answers and new solutions we have never heard before.  We watch that infomercial that promises a transformation in ONLY 30 Days! We click and ship faster than we can we can put the card back in our purse.  We are then ready to take on the next day with a plan!  We are overwhelmed with information, yet we feel so desperate for change that we think tomorrow will be the day…the day it all changes.

Tomorrow comes and you’re set to start the day with new intention, the new plan, and are motivated to stick to your diet this time.  Breakfast goes by and *check* you made it through!  Mid-morning comes, and you resist the urge to get that fancy Venti latte from Starbucks that has been your staple for years.  *check* one more point for you!  Then lunch comes, and you reach into the fridge for your pre-made meal that you will microwave at work to stave off temptations.  You eat your lunch, while surrounded by smells of other meals around you, telling yourself “This won’t last forever.  It’s just Day 1.  I can get through Day 1.”  Then without realizing it, you realize you’ve sat down at the table with the big candy bowl everyone sneaks a treat from during the day.  Just one piece won’t hurt, right?  I mean, it is “fun-size” after all. You reach in, take a piece, and get a sense of euphoria the moment the taste hits your mouth.  It’s delicious, it’s just what you needed, it’s what you were craving……and then it hits you. You’ve failed.  Again.  Day 1 and you’ve already messed up.  You couldn’t even make it through Day 1??  Really!?  Really.  So you hit the pause button on your “diet” and decide tomorrow is another day.  Since you’ve already messed up, you might as well eat the other piece of candy calling your name.  A Diet Coke would go good with that, so you head to the vending machine and grab that too.  Then, after your long and stressful day at work you pick up a pizza for the house on the way home and decide tomorrow is another day.  You eat the pizza in front of the TV with the family, and while the stress of not having to cook dinner has been taken away, you’re filled with frustration, possibly guilt, and then you crawl into bed with your significant other (or alone) and feel ashamed once again.

Sound familiar?  I bet it does.  This is the hamster wheel of dieting, and it’s failing you.  Over and over again, no matter how many times you keep trying.  If you’re tired of being in this hamster wheel, then keep reading.  However, if you’ve just bought into the latest fad diet everyone around you is on, and are convinced THIS is it for you, and you’re determined to succeed on your own then this probably is where we part ways (for now…because you’ll be back).

Why “diets” don’t work

We fall prey to a quick fix of a diet out of desperation.  We are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, so we are easily influenced by what is around us.  The problem is that we are all so very different, and there is not one single diet that is going to work for everyone. While Sally can lose 10lbs on a 21-Day plan full of recipes and workouts, Kelly can do the exact same workouts and eat the same recipes and only lose 2.  Was Kelly cheating the whole time?  Did she not follow plan?  Perhaps she skimped on those workouts in week 2 because she was too busy.  No.  Sally and Kelly did the exact same thing but got very different results.  That’s because Sally and Kelly are two DIFFERENT people.  Their bodies are different.  Different chemistry, different history, different ancestry, and perhaps different life experiences that have lead to chemical imbalances such as trauma, toxic relationships, or overuse of alcohol or smoking.

Dietary theories pigeon-hole people into a one size fits most category.  While their intention is to help as many people as possible, they most often only cause frustration and desperation for most.  Our body responds differently based on so many factors that dietary theories cannot establish person-to-person.  Additionally, what may have worked for you in the past will not necessarily (and probably not) work for you now at a later stage in life.

Diets often focus on what you CAN and can NOT have, which opens the door to restrictive eating and subsequent binging episodes for those of us who have an emotional attachment to food.  Did you know that 95% of people who lose weight on a diet will gain it all back again?  Why do you think that is?  It’s because the diet wasn’t the right one for them, they lacked the personal level of support they needed, and they never deconstructed the cravings that got them to this situation in the first place.

Bio-individuality and your dietary needs

One person’s perfect solution can be another person’s poison.  It’s essential to find a way of fueling your body, and reinventing your relationship with food, in a way that works best for YOU.  If you need assistance in understanding what your body needs, then reach out for help.  There are people (ah hem…) that would love to help you find what works best for you so that you can be successful.  I didn’t lose 135lbs and keep it off by going at it alone.  I had help.  I had guidance.  I also changed plans about 5 times in order to keep moving forward because what helped me lose the first 30lbs didn’t help for the next 30, and the next 30, etc.  My body changed, my lifestyle changed, my home environment changed, I went through divorce, abuse, grief, loss, job changes, etc.  Do you really think the program that worked in the beginning was going to work now?  Heck no.  And I needed someone else to help guide me, keep me accountable, and check in on me.  That’s what a good coach does.  If they don’t…….well honey, find a new one.

Alone on your own island

Another reason that your diet has failed you in the past is that you’re usually attempting to do this all on your own.  You’re too self conscious to ask for help, or you’ve tried and failed and can’t face another person telling you that it won’t work again this time.  Perhaps you’ve joined a challenge group at your gym but yet you’re the only one dealing with an autoimmune condition while on the challenge and no one can relate to the fatigue you feel while on restrictions.  Or perhaps you’ve recently had surgery, and while everyone else seems to be losing weight fast your body is holding on to all it can because it’s still in trauma mode.  Or……how’s your stress level?  Ah, I hit a hot button there huh?  Do you have someone helping you on an individual level who can talk you through the challenges you are facing so you can stay on track with whatever plan works for you?  No?  Well, you should because as they say “It Takes A Village.”

Exiting the hamster wheel

Taking the first step to reinventing your relationship with food can be very scary and full of doubt.  You will often say to yourself “I’ve always failed before, so what will make me succeed this time?”.  My dear friend, you didn’t fail before.  You LEARNED.  You learned what not to do, and what not to try. You learned who you could trust, and who was only there to make $ off of you. You learned how it felt to restrict yourself so much that you then resolved to binging at midnight on Cheerios and milk when the family was sleeping because you just couldn’t take the cravings anymore.  You learned that you’re sick and tired of starting over AGAIN tomorrow.

It’s scary.  However, finding a program that provides you an avenue to reinvent your relationship with food is priceless.  The freedom you will feel when you are able to live your life without restrictions, in a way that supports your relationship with your body and mind, is worth every ounce of effort that goes into it.

I have a program I would love to share with you if you are ready.  Perhaps today you aren’t, and that’s ok.  But I know many of you are tired of trying again over and over without success.  What you will find is a new way of looking at food, personal support from me as your Coach, and access to a wealth of resources to help get your body moving in the right direction.  If you’re ready to get out of the hamster wheel….let’s chat.  I’ll be waiting.

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